Originally hailing from Albany, New York, my immigrant parents brought my brother and I to Orange County in 1999 where we have grown to call Southern California "home".

My artistic experience is rooted in performance art, music, and dance. I started painting as a child before picking up the clarinet in the 3rd grade and falling in love with bass clarinet and tenor saxophone in marching band, jazz band, and orchestra in high school. I joined choir in high school and continued singing with the UCLA Chorale and Chamber Singers. After serving as a saxophonist and conductor for the UCLA Marching Band, I discovered hip hop and modern dance. I danced for Samahang Modern, Reality Check, Common Ground, and The Corps Dance Crew during and after college. On The Corps Dance Crew, I discovered cosplay, stage acting, and voiceover work which helped to inspire me to dive into acting and improvisation.

I have trained in scene study and cold-reading at Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop and I completed the long-form improvisation program at Upright Citizens Brigade. Since graduating from UCB improv, I have been practicing and performing with my Asian-American improv troupe "Dragon Sound". I have also studied at Stan Kirsch Studios and I currently train with an acting coach regularly.

In my free time, you can catch me traveling when the opportunity presents itself, or catching up on the latest Netflix, Hulu, or HBO shows. I'm obsessed with Futurama and you'll often find me saying things like "Shut up and take my money!" and "You watched it, you can't UN-WATCH it!". I also know lots about matcha green tea as well as all the good spots in LA so let's grab matcha sometime!

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